What many know is that the history of the Golf, one of the most loved and sold cars of all time, starts from here, from the MK1. What not everyone knows is that without the MK1 today Volkswagen would not exist, or at least not as we know it today. In fact, the Golf, launched in 1974, was fundamental in the economic recovery of Volkswagen, which at the time was financially on the brink. Despite the low budget available, the Golf MK1 is an innovative car, and the Italian design inspired by the Fiat 128 is proof of this. Details such as the round headlights and the classic shape make the MK1 pleasing to the eye. The interiors are minimal and simple, but well done. Also on a mechanical level many choices such as offering the option of a gearbox with a fifth gear designed specifically to reduce fuel consumption and the overall resistance of the vehicle prove to be successful. While the front suspensions are of the McPherson type, at the rear we find some interconnected longitudinal suspensions, which offer good performance and a reduced footprint. After just one year, the first Golf GTI was also presented (and years later also its diesel version called GTD which has a 70 horsepower engine), available with both 50HP and 70HP engines. An advantage of this vehicle is the high degree of customization at the time of purchase. In 1980 the MK1 is modernized by a restyling, of which a convertible version is also available. In 1983 the production comes to an end and the MK2 is presented.

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🏎 Volkswagen Golf MK1
πŸ“ Germany
πŸ’¨ 1100 50HP
πŸ” 138km/h
πŸ’Ά No longer on sale
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