The Corvette C5 was born in 1997 and brought with it numerous aesthetic innovations, which overall made the car’s curves much smoother and more homogeneous than those of the C4, but the conical retractable headlights remained. Mechanically, the same 5.7 V8 engine was adopted, but boosted to 350HP (the C4, instead, has 280HP). In 2002, the engine was further upgraded to 405HP. For the first time in a Corvette, the transmission was mounted at the rear, and this contributed to a less prominent front end. In 2003, the special “50th Anniversary” edition was marketed, characterized by a burgundy body and aluminum wheels, while the engine was still 405HP. The production of the C5 ended in 2004, when the C6 arrived.
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🏎️ Chevrolet Corvette C5
🛠️ V8 5.7 16V 475NM 350HP
💨 4,7 seconds
🔝 280km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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