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🏎️ MG B
📍 United Kingdom
🛠️ 1.8 95HP
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What is it?

The “B” is a sports car with a length of less than 4 meters produced in three generations from 1962 to 1980, and can be considered the most successful vehicle ever produced by MG during its financial crisis. In all its generations, the MG B was produced in the Coupe and Roadster variants and was characterized by a load-bearing body, rear-wheel drive and 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive on the fourth gear.

1st generation

The MG B debuted in 1962 initially only in the two-seater Roadster variant. Only in 1965 a Coupe version with a 2+2 seat configuration also arrived. For everything else, the Roadster and Coupe are identical: the body is made of iron alloys except for the bonnet, which is made of aluminum; the interior is simple but vaguely opulent, and this is demonstrated by the fact that the seats are entirely finished in leather; the engine is a simple 1.8 95HP.

2nd generation

The MG B 2nd gen. debuted in 1967 and is now remembered more for its flaws than for its negligible improvements: to reduce production costs, the car became heavier (from 870 to 970 kg) since the body used is mainly made of low quality steel. In addition, the seats are no longer finished in real leather, but in fake leather. The engine adopted remained the same 95HP 1.8, but a 145HP 2.9 inline 6 cylinder called “MGC” was added to the range in 1967 and, since 1973, a 137HP V8 3.5 produced by Rover also debuted. The latter variant took the name of “B GT”.

3rd generation

The third and latest generation is characterized by a softer and more modern aesthetic line, while it does not present particular variations on the mechanical side, except for the weakening of the 1.8 engine from 95 to 82HP, necessary to comply with the new anti-pollution standards of the US. The GT was updated with the new chassis of the third generation while the MCG was not renewed.

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