I am disappointed with the name of this new car: it doesn’t look like a real Mustang at all! However, the design looks very modern thanks to its innovative lines, and the Mustang logo rocks! Its platform, the GE! (Global Electrified 1), is a deeply modified version of the C2 that we can see in the Focus. Performances are in line with those of the concurrency. The most powerful version has 459HP, while the base model “only” 255. According to Ford, the autonomy of this vehicle can last up to 600km. The strongest opponent to this vehicle is undoubtedly the Tesla Model Y.
📷 @ford
🏎 Mustang Mach E 1st gen.
🛠 Electric 75.7kWh 255HP
💨 8 seconds
🔝 180km/h
💶 49.200€ in Europe
💵 43.000$ in the United States
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⚡️ (3,5/5)