A CLS-Class facelift 2021 📷 Daimler AG

Quick information

🏎️ Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class III (C257) facelift 2021
📍 Germany
🛠️ 220d 2.0 G-TRONIC 400NM 194HP
💨 7,5 seconds
🔝 235km/h
💶 58.000€ in Europe
💵 70.000$ for the “400” (it’s the cheapest version available there) in the United States

What is it?

Produced starting from 2018, the third generation of the Mercedes CLS-Class aims to refer to the same market segment to which its predecessors referred and at the same time to modernize the range with a less anachronistic design and more modern technologies. The CLS 3rd gen., identified by the code name “C257”, is therefore a high-end 4-door Coupe that clashes with opponents of the caliber of the BMW 7 Series and the Audi A7.


📷 Daimler AG

The C257 differs in exterior design both from its predecessors and from the contemporary E-class and S-class for its more streamlined lines. The perfect proportions of the curves have allowed this car to have an aerodynamic coefficient of just 0.26, a record in its category. There is also a redesigned grille and brand new MULTIBEAM-LED headlights, which with an illumination range of 650 meters are among the most effective headlights ever. The choice to adopt fake exhausts is questionable. The dimensions are 4,98 x 1,89 meters against a weight that varies between 1825 and 1980 kilos.


📷 Daimler AG

Mercedes was able to exploit the interior spaces more wisely by transforming the CLS into a five-seater, whereas previously there were seats for only four passengers. AS an option, the car can also house a totally redesigned infotainment consisting of two long 12.3” horizontal screens, one of which acts as a cockpit for the driver. This style was taken up by most of the contemporary Mercedeses as well as many other premium details such as the round air vents covered in aluminum and the customizable RGB LEDs to give their style to the colors of the environment. In addition to luxury, some new technologies stand out, such as the optional “Mercedes me connect”, which gives the car support for LTE networks and allows it to interface with the official Mercedes App, from which various parameters of the car can be easily controlled and modified.


The structure adopted in the C257 comes in part from the E-Class W238. There is extensive use of aluminum in the body to reduce weight, and air suspension is available as an option. The basic engine is the “220d” diesel, which has an output of 194HP. Then there are other diesels: the 245HP 300d, the 286HP 350d and the 340HP 400d. The less powerful petrol engine is the 350, which guarantees a power of 299HP, then there are the 367HP 250 and the 435HP super sports 53. The previous 63 has been replaced by a separate model based on the CLS, namely the 4-door AMG GT. Each engine is flanked by a 9-speed G-TRONIC automatic transmission.


📷 Daimler AG

On the occasion of a very light restyling in 2021, two Mild-Hybrid variants are introduced: the new 265HP 300d and the new 367HP 450. Also, the double 12,3″ screen infotainment finally started to come as standard, definitely replacing the old system.

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