🏎️ Opel Kadett C
📍 Germany
🛠️ “1000” 933cc 70NM 48HP
💨 22,5 seconds
🔝 128km/h
💶 No longer on sale

What is it?

Known as “C”, the third generation of the Opel Kadett is a mid-level World Car intended for a large segment of the population. The car therefore adapts to the basic needs of most people who in the 70s wanted a simple and reliable vehicle at a reasonable price. The Kadett C was produced in around 1,7 million units from 1973 to 1979 in the Sedan (2 or 4-door), Coupe, Caravan and City versions. The latter is nothing more than a 2-volume and 3-door variant of the Sedan, which is a 3-volume.


The Kadett C debuted with a modern design characterized by more evident edges and larger glass surfaces. The headlights are round in the basic version and rectangular in the more advanced ones (the “L” and the “SR”). The dimensions are 3,92 x 1,57 meters and are therefore almost unchanged compared to those of the previous generation. The supporting structure is redesigned but has a similar layout to the previous one. With a variable mass between 765 and 960 kilos, the Kadett C is a light car. The trunk capacity is 350 liters, so a bit lower than that of the Kadett B.


Despite the similar dimensions of the car, the interior of the Kadett C is more spacious than before. The large windows allowed more natural light to enter a previously dark car. The dashboard is as solid as it is simple in its structure.


The C is the latest generation of the Kadett to be based on rear-wheel drive (after which it will become front), and was initially presented with two engines: the 48HP “1000” and the 52 or 60HP “1200”. Since 1974 a 40HP version focused on low consumption was produced in some countries to cope with the oil crisis of that time. Initially, the braking system was composed of four drum brakes in all versions except for the 60HP version, which is equipped with disc brakes at the front.


Only from 1975, the whole range benefited from front disc brakes except for the “SE” version, which was announced the same year. The Kadett C SE is in fact a very inexpensive version with interiors upholstered in a simple fabric and less padding in the passenger compartment, as well as less attention to detail. In 1975 the Kadett GT/E was also announced, a rally car with a 105HP 1.9 engine. Two years later the GT/E received a new 2.0 115HP engine and was joined by a similar but less extreme version, the Kadett Rallye 1600 S with a 75HP 1.6 engine. In 1976, the Aero was introduced, a two-door Kadett C with a Targa-type body. In place of the roof, there is a removable cover. The only engine available for the Aero is a 60HP 1.2.

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