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🏎️ Volvo V50
📍 Sweden
🛠️ 1.6 i 150NM 100HP
💨 12 seconds
🔝 185km/h
💶 No longer on sale

What is it?

Produced from 2004 to 2012, the Volvo V50 is the Station Wagon version of the 2nd gen. S40. Therefore, it is a medium-sized family car (4,52 x 1,77 meters) characterized by excellent build quality and safety.


📷 Volvo

The V50 has a simple aesthetic similar to that of the other models in the Volvo range of that time. The logo has been subject to changes over time: up to 2010, the one in the photo was adopted. Only later it was replaced by the new and larger logo of the brand that we know today. The luggage compartment has a basic capacity of 417 liters, which by reclining the rear seats reaches 1307 liters. The interior also features a simple but well-engineered design of undoubted quality.


The V50 is based on the Ford C1 platform, shared with the contemporary Ford Focus and Mazda 3. The engines, both petrol and diesel, vary in power from 100HP of the “1.6 i” to 220 of the “T5 20V”.


📷 Volvo

A facelift was introduced in 2008. In this restyling, some aesthetic details were revised and adaptive xenon headlights were introduced as an option.

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